The Plan for a National Resistry

Resistry is an online platform where progressive groups collaborate to recruit activists and win more elections in 2018.  Groups that generate more contacts to Resistry will gain more potential supporters via increased visibility. 


Here’s how it works 


1. Generating visitors - Groups like Swing Left, Indivisible, and Sister District use email and social media to encourage their inactive contacts to visit Resistry in order to find a wider variety of volunteer roles. One possible subject line: “Not yet active? Find the role that works best for you”  


2. Converting visitors – Resistry will feature content that targets people who are outraged but inactive. It’s designed to move them to connect with one or more groups - and to let the groups take it from there. In addition to links to participating groups, content will include an overview of the different groups and roles available.


3. Signing up with multiple groups - Resistry allows visitors to enter their email and zip code once, then to check boxes for all the groups they want to hear from.


4. Personal recruiters - Groups can also enlist current supporters to recruit their friends through Resistry.  Recruiters will receive periodic emails with new material that is pre-tested and optimized to maximize conversion rates. 


San Francisco chapters of Swing Left, Indivisible, and Sister District have been collaborating on since February 1stThat pilot has shown that a group can receive more visitors to its website than it sends to Resistry.


While each group grows its own supporter base by participating, it also contributes to the overall power of the progressive movement.  Positive outcomes can include diversification of resistance group membership and an increase in the number of white people supporting groups led by people of color.


Additional potential partners include: NAACP, Flippable, Latino Victory Project, Woke Vote, Run for Something, Need to Impeach, KnockEveryDoor, VoteRunLead, Emily’s List, Mobilize America, Democracy Action, Women’s March, March for Science, and March for Our Lives.