Swing Left Events and Volunteer Opportunities 10-17

Welcome to Swing Left San Francisco!

Swing Left San Francisco is a grassroots organization advocating for every citizen’s right to vote and dedicated to flipping California’s 10th Congressional District. We are a regional chapter of the national Swing Left organization. Our goal is to support local activists in the district who want to replace Republican Jeff Denham in the House of Representatives with a Democrat in the 2018 Congressional elections.  We remain candidate-neutral until the Democratic primary is decided.

Our current activities include canvassing in District 10 for voter registration drives and cultivating relationships with local progressive groups and voters, phone banking into District 10 and fundraising for District 10.  As we approach the mid-term elections, these activities will change to reflect necessary tasks to turn District 10 and other California Districts from Red to Blue.

Whether it's canvassing in the District, registering voters, making calls, texting or writing postcards, there are ways for everyone to be part of the big blue wave that's about to inundate our country.   

Join us at one of our upcoming events. 

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20 days until the Midterm Election! If you haven't signed up for one of the remaining shifts, here they all are, just an easy click away.

We need carpooler drivers! If you're planning on driving to a canvass, please sign up for a carpool (there's a carpool link for each canvass).

If it's your first time canvassing, be sure to download the PDI app (for iPhone or Android) before leaving to canvass and watch this video about how to use it. 


Visit the Swing Left CA-10 Calendar or CA-21 Calendar for All Canvassing and Voter Registration Opportunities



            Phone Banks                                    Canvasses


Saturday Oct. 20, from 1–5pm

 Turlock: Oct. 20, from 10am–2pm

Saturday Oct. 27, from 1–5pm

 Modesto: Oct. 24, from 4pm–8pm

Saturday, Nov. 3, from 12–6pm

 Firebaugh: Oct. 27, from 9am–1pm

Sunday, Nov. 4, from 4–8pm

 Firebaugh: Oct. 27, from 9am–1pm

Monday, Nov. 5, from 4–8pm

 Modesto: Nov. 3, from 9am–6pm

Tuesday, Nov. 6, from 12–6pm

 Modesto: Nov. 4, from 9am–6pm


 Modesto: Nov. 5, from 9am–6pm


 Modesto Nov. 6, from 9am–6pm


Swing Left National is organizing buses from Palo Alto and San Jose to CA-21 on November 3 & 4. Tickets cost $10, and you should sign up now to secure a seat. For more details, read the FAQs.

  • Saturday Nov. 3, 9am - 9pm. RSVP
  • Sunday Nov. 4, 9am - 9pm. RSVP

Commit to Flip is also organizing buses from Walnut Creek Bart to CA-21 on Oct. 27 to Selma and Nov. 4 to Sanger. $15 roundtrip. Sign up to get a seat.

TJ Cox was just endorsed by his hometown paper, the Fresno Bee!! Congratulations TJ!!