Democracy Action Phone Bank & Activism Update - Week of August 14

We are Democracy Action, a group of volunteers dedicated to combating the dangerous Republican agenda and advancing Democrats nationally through local action. We have chapters in San Francisco, Marin, and the East Bay and each hosts phone banks on a regular basis. With decades of experience working elections—organizing, canvassing, and running phone banks—we know that when the Bay Area comes together to support a candidate our region becomes a national powerhouse.

Right now we are building momentum in preparation for 2018 and beyond by organizing and partnering with other groups throughout the Bay Area. Since the election, we have held weekly phone banks to save the ACA, as well as for special elections in Louisiana, Virginia, Delaware, Iowa, Georgia, Kansas, and more. Come the mid-term elections, the power of this region will reinstate our values of democracy, inclusion, equality, and respect as we work together to make government represent all of us.

Democracy Action is an independent, volunteer-run organization. We have no funding, and we don’t take sides in local political matters between Democrats/Progressives.


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Latest News

This weekend was the first anniversary of the white supremacist march in Charlottesville, Virginia where Heather Heyer was struck and killed by one of the march's participants. When "Unite the Right" tried to hold another march, this time in DC, they were vastly outnumbered by counter-protesters.

Meanwhile, the Racist in Chief marked the date with a weak condemnation of "all types of racism" and by hanging out with a biker gang, some of whose members sport Nazi tattoos.

Congressional Republicans have been complicit in the administration's shredding of the US Constitution, and the entire US House of Representatives is up for re-election in November. This weekend we will be holding phone banks for upcoming races throughout California and nationwide.

Most Republicans currently in office will never change their minds, so it's time they're forced to change jobs. Join us as we work to help elect candidates who will put country over party and do the people's work.


This Week's Democracy Action Events

Phone banks


Click here for details and to sign up for a phone bank.


San Francisco


Saturday, 8/18

Civic Center Phone Bank 1p-5p
In partnership with Swing Left San Francisco

Returning to our location at 301 Grove St.


Sunday, 8/19

West Side Phone Bank 11a-1:30p
In partnership with Sister District Project SF





Wednesday, 8/15

San Rafael Phone/Text Bank 4p-6p



Saturday, 8/18

Sausalito Refresher Phone Bank Training12p-2p

Saturday, 8/18

Sausalito Phone/Text Bank 2:30p-4:30p


East Bay


Tuesday, 8/14
El Sobrante Phone Bank 1p-3p

Saturday, 8/18
Pinole Phone Bank 11a-1p

Sunday, 8/19
Berkeley Phone Bank 1p-4p


Sunday, 8/19
Oakland/Diamond Phone Bank 2p-5p​

Tuesday, 8/21
El Sobrante Phone Bank 1p-3p




Please check our calendar for more information and to sign up to do some phoning.