Resistry is designed to enable collaboration of the participating SF-based resist groups in order to encourage visitors to join in their efforts. The organizations that send more of their contacts to the platform receive more visibility. 

Resistry is a non-commercial effort that is free to groups and visitors.

The team lead is Haney Armstrong.  The web designer and developer is Lisa Hubbert. Additional development by Benjamin Feurgard. Google Analytics by Violet Olds.

Advisors include Kimberly Dryden, Jim Pugh, Douglas Solomon, Chandra Alexandre, Eric Facas, and Dana Kittrelle. Support provided by Progcode.org.

Special thanks to resist group members Alec Bash, Laura Shapiro, Paul Silverman, Beatrice von Schulthess, Caroline Nassif, Lou Riordan, Peter Hosey, Emily Morris, Deborah Dick, Rodrigo Toquetao, Natalie Burdick, Michelle Maine and Charles Spiegel.

Resistry.net has inspired ResistryPAC which is recruiting volunteer canvassers in nine critical House races.  Learn more at ResistryPAC.org.